A trip to the heavenly island-Andaman

After lot of discussions, we finally settled with an Island name as Andaman Islands for our honeymoon trip. We booked our package with travel agency K.V Travels.

It was in the month of December, 2015 when we started our journey.

Day 1: It was a nice winter morning at Kolkata,the temperature was below 10. We checked-in our luggage at Netaji Subhas International Airport. We boarded in some time and I quickly checked my mobile that it was 5:10 AM. After 1 hour they provided some snacks and coffee which fulfilled my thirst since morning for a hot drink. I stared through the window and only blue I could see.

It was 7:25 AM and Captain announced that we will be landing at Vir Savarkar Airport in 10 minutes.I stared again outside and the view was even more beautiful. The small islands were floating in the sea; “what a beauty of nature”, I uttered in awe.

The flight was full of passengers and we had to wait to in a queue for a while. We were gradually getting down by the elevated stairs and rolling our eyes around the airport, such a beautiful airport in the lap of nature. We took our luggage from the belt and came outside. One guy was holding a placard my surname printed on it. He took us directly to the hotel at Port Blair. We were booked into a deluxe AC room. It was a large room equipped with an LED tv,a fridge, a dining table with coffee maker and queen size bed etc etc. Just then our tour guy called us and asked us to be ready after lunch.

We finished our typical Bengali lunch with Rice, dal, begun vaja and pomfret curry and got ready to explore. The tour guide came just at 3 PM and we board on the cab and headed towards the famous Cellular Jail. It took 15 mins to reach from the hotel. We entered into the cellular jail, the first thing I noticed two long stretched brick buildings, merged in a single junction which is a watch tower. This is the place which is famous as Kalapani (black-water), at the time of the colonial regime. We roamed around the entire compound-the cells where they are been kept,the gallows used for execution, the torture rooms which converted to museums now. At last we went to the terrace, from there you can see turquoise water everywhere.


In the evening we watched light and sound show which depicted tortures of colonial reign on the freedom fighters.The jail was used as a castle as well for Japanese army in the time of WWII.

Day 2: After having our breakfast at the hotel, we reached the jetty at 7:30 AM. We boarded the steamer and it took us to Ross Island. This was the capital of Andaman Islands until an earthquake in 1941. The island was also used as camp for Japanese army. The place is now deserted which holds a few colonial structures including a church. There was a beautiful beach other side of that island but bathing is restricted. We spent a good two hours at Ross Island and again board on the steamer. Our next destination was another famous island called North Bay. The picture we see in 20 Rs note is the view of North Bay island which anyone can see from Ross Island. Tall trees and crystal clear water made the place picturesque. There are a lot of water sports you can do here, like scuba diving, glass bottom boat, snorkeling etc. We did scuba here which was really thrilling. We took our lunch there with chicken and fried-rice provided by our tour guide.

When we came back to our hotel it was already 6 PM at evening. We went to terrace of the hotel and spent a good few hours enjoying the gentle breeze and sunset.

Ross Island

North Bay Island

Day 3: We started sharp at 6 AM for the most awaited destination of our trip — The Havelock Island. Our tour guide dropped us at the jetty. We took our ticket and boarded a cruise. This was my first travel in cruise. It started sailing into the deep blue sea. We came out of the cabin and climbed up the stairs to dock. Wow!!! the first word uttered from my mouth. A blue velvet was spread upto horizon. Another side was guarded by hills. It took approx 3 hours to reach Havelock Island. We called our tourist guide, he greeted us and took us to our cab. The cab driver took us to a beach resort. We just got freshened up and started for Radhanagar beach(One of India’s prettiest and most famous stretches of sand is the acclaimed Radhanagar) for bathing. We planned to have some local food near the beach and we found a roadside hotel. We had a fresh sea fish just fried with spices and green chilly with some rice and daal. It was a mouthwatering dish. We went to beach and enjoyed our bath for an hour.It was very refreshing. We took a shower with normal water then from a washroom, built by the govt. We enjoyed an awesome sunset together sitting at the beach and came back to the resort.At night we spent a good time lying on a couch at the backyard of the resort which was just on the beach.A wonderful day ended with a fantastic dinner at the resort.

Sailing towards Havelock

Havelock Island

Day 4: In the morning we roamed around the places near our resort. It was more or less like any suburb of West Bengal. We came back to the resort and had our lunch. We headed towards our next stop to Neil Island. We sailed for 2 hour approx with the same cruise again and reach our destination Neil Island. Our tour guide took us to the sunset view point, we spent some time there and went to hotel which was amidst a jungle. We had our dinner and slept early.

The cruise, we sailed alongAndaman's Cruise (Makkruz)

Day 5: In the morning we had our breakfast at hotel with luchi and chholar dal(famous bengali cuisine) and started for visiting a few beaches like laxmanpur beach, Bharatpur beach. We did jetski at Bharatpur beach which was a thrilling experience.We went to another place to see a formation of stone which looks like bridge. We found live corals there which change their color with touch. We finished places at that island and it was the time to go back to Port Blair again.We reached port blair when it was 5 at afternoon.We reached at the same hotel and in the evening we went for shopping to take some souvenirs back home.

Day 6: On the sixth day we visited some museums like Anthropological museum which has vast collection of Andaman and Nicobar’s tribals(Jaroa, Nicoborese, Andamanese) life and culture, samudrika museum which has a huge repository of marine life.Then we went to chatham saw mill(Asia’s biggest and oldest),the oldest saw mill in Asia.From there we went KV farm house, having dinner at a roadside dhaba.This farm house was built by our travel agency amidst a dense jungle on the way to Baratang. We spent a night at this beautiful lonely farm house. It was an adventure for us to stay at that lonely farm house as we are the only guest at that farm house apart from the cook and driver cum caretaker.He cooked a local chicken which was fingerlicking tasty.

Day 7: On the seventh day we started for Baratang, the land of jaroas though we find only a few tribals beside the road. We went to limestone cave through a speedboat. The journey was for 45 mins through backwaters, then we had to walk for another 30 mins through mangrove forest. It was a cave naturally created by lime stone. We came back to baratang and had our lunch there and started for PortBlair. We reached PortBlair at 6 in the evening.


Day 8: The last day or you can say the worst day of our trip.We were feeling just the opposite of our first day, we did not want to leave the island but we had to. We came back to Kolkata with a load of beautiful memories which we will cherish all our life.