A short trip to beautiful Henry Island And Jambu Dweep

The winter was just started and our traveler’s hormone start poking in my head but due to busy schedule at office I could not make a long trip. So at last we decided a weekend trip to Bakkhali & Henry’s Island.

As we planned to go by local train,we board on a south bound(Sealdah-Namkhana) local train from Jadavpur station which is the nearest station for us at around 5:30 AM. We reached the southernmost station Namkhana.Its looks like a set of Satyajit Ray’s movies-yellow paddy field, grasses were glowing like pearl due the reflection of morning light on the dew. We took some photographs and headed towards ferry to cross the river Hatania-Doania.



We hired a cab to our destination Bakkhali.It took around 45 mins to reach Bakkhali. We searched a few hotels and booked a room for two of us in ahotel near to the beach.We got freshen up and had our breakfast with luchi-alurtarkari(famous Bengali dish) and hot tea. We booked the same cab for our tour and visited few places-

Henry’s Island- It’s an island adjacent to Bakkhali. It’s a quiet place where you can stay for a few days at govt. guest houses, built near the island.Soothing Bay Of Bengal and serene beach will definitely amaze you.

Our next destination was Jamby Dwip(Island). We booked a launch for a 2 hours trip to Jambu Dwip. It is an island in the Bay of Bengal 1-hour journey thru the mohana (Estuarine) of small rivers and Bay Of Bengal.But the bad part is no one can land in the island, it was banned afew years by govt due to destruction of marine lives. Anyways the journey was worth enough. We halted near the island and it was full of migratory birds.

We came back from the beautiful Jambu dwip trip and started for our next visiting place frazergaunj.Its mainly a seashore used for making dry fish.We took some sunset photographs here and started for Bakkhali beach which is adjacent to our hotel.


Bakkhali Beach-

We had a cup of tea and some roadside snacks like alurchop,beguni and returned back to hotel.