Mt. Washington-The Dangerous Beauty of Northeast America

Since we came to the U.S. 3 months back apart from few family parks and a few shopping malls we did not go anywhere. On the long weekend of Memorial day we planned to visit two wonderful places in America-Mount Washington and Acadia National Park. This is the first part of the trip, a visit to the highest mountain peak of northeast America-The Mount Washington.

The most famous mountain in the Northeast of America, Mount Washington is in the state of New Hampshire and has an altitude of 6,288 foot. One of the deadliest mountains in America, has long been a magnet for hiking, skiing for all the seasons.

We started our journey Friday afternoon and drove through the state Connecticut and reached Boston when it was 11 pm at night. We stayed that night in one of friend’s house at Boston and started early in the next morning having an awesome breakfast of corn-cheese sandwich and fruit juice.

Mt. Washington_Highway
Mountain Highways in New Hampshire
Mt. Washington_Valleys of Appalachians
Valleys Of Appalachian Mountains

It was almost 4 hours of drive through the highways of the state New Hampshire (one of the most beautiful states of USA) from Boston to reach COG Railway (world’s first mountain climbing cog-railway) station Marshfield Base Station, located 2700 feet above sea level, in the valley of Appalachians mountains. We already had booked our tickets of COG rail for the 2:30 pm schedule.

Mt. Washington (20)
Marshfield Station and COG rail

This 19th century (1869 to be precise) technology marvel was a scenic voyage through the nature and unforgettable valley of Mount Washington which took us to the peak of the mountain – Summit of Mount Washington. Take my word,it’s a ‘must do’ while visiting Mt. Washington. However, while we were climbing up we found some guys were hiking to the peak which seemed to be an exhilarating experience as well. The another way to reach the peak is to drive all along the tremendously dangerous skyline roads of the mountains.

On the Way to the Peak Of Mt. Washington
Mt. Washington (5)
Other trains are coming back to the base


Here you could see an observatory, a museum and a snacks bar where you can get some coffee because this place very chilly even on the month of May.  In the afternoon of April 12, 1934, the Mount Washington Observatory  recorded a wind-speed of 231 miles per hour (372 km/h) at the summit, the world record for most of the 20th century, and still a record for measured wind speeds not involved with a cyclone. I got awestruck by the beauty of this place, the dark clouds are floating around and the shades on the hills create a heavenly beauty. The photographs cannot depict which I really felt on that top of the peak. I heard that someone can take a glance of the Atlantic Ocean from that place but due to cloudy sky we could not. Despite the cold weather we roamed around the place and tried to capture the moment by clicking some selfies.

Mount Washington Observatory (Panoramic View)
Mt. Washington (6)
Hiking to the Top
The summit

This place fulfills my first tick to the list ‘The places you must visit in USA’. We enjoyed the place for an hour by clicking pictures, visiting the museum and board up the train again to return back to the base.

Mt. Washington (10)-Pano
Mountain and Clouds (Panoramic View)

When we reached the base it was 6 pm in the afternoon but it was fully sunny, because in USA, the sunset time is around 8:30 pm at night (sorry evening) in summer. We bought a souvenir from here and ate a burger from the restaurant which is on the top level of the base station.

Mt. Washington (22)
Steam Engine COG rail

No we started for our next destination, the mystic stunning national treasure in the coast of the state Maine –Acadia National Park………(To be continued in the next part)

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