A short visit to Dhanyakuria – the palace town

I saw the name Dhanyakuria somewhere on the net. The name intrigued me immensely –  as if from some fairy-tale. After a little research I found it interesting and decided to visit on the first opportunity. Finally the opportunity came last Sunday and I went out with a friend of mine to explore it.

I could not find much about exact history of the place. Did some research online and have provided some references for further reading.

We hit Rajarhat road at around 10:15 in the morning. The road is not very good as construction work is in progress to widen the road. After a few kilometers, the road is damaged to a great extent and it was definitely not a smooth ride. However, we soon found beautiful water bodies on both sides of the road. We stopped at a place to click some photos.


As we went further, we hit Taki road. This was also not in a very good condition. At a point, there were dead trees on both sides – it was a nice view.


Some nice views captured on the way

We reached kachua in an hour or so and decided to have some food. We had some kachuris at a road-side sweet shop.

Finally the spot came where we had to go off the main road and it was around 5minutes drive before we were in front of the beautiful palace – Gain Rajbari.

It was a majestic view. There was a small garden in front of the building. One would hardly imagine to spot such a palatial construction in the middle of a small village far from Kolkata. I am sure not many people are aware of its presence. The main gate was open and a Maruti Alto was parked inside. We were not sure if we could enter without permission. We asked a passer-by if anybody lives there and if entrance is permitted. He said the babus might be there and we could enter.

It definitely was a private property and nothing was written about the history of it. We entered and started clicking photos quickly before someone drives us out. A woman came out and we asked if we can go inside the building. She said we can roam around in front of the house but not enter the building. We followed that and after taking photos we went out.

A man outside told us there still lived one generation of the Gayen family in the building.

There is another gate where you can see a small in-house temple. We did not enter the temple as there was no one around and we were not sure about restrictions.


Gain Rajbari

We asked the locals about the other palaces. One of them showed us the way to Ballav Rajbari. In few minutes from there we reached the front of Ballav Rajbari. This was a European-style white building no less majestic than Gayen-bari. This building too did not have any writing on the history of it. Again we were not sure if entrance was permitted. My fried was afraid of the possibility of pet dogs suddenly coming out and chasing us(palatial dogs are supposed to be big :-)). Hence we had to be satisfied with the view from outside.


Ballav Rajbari

Around a 100 meters ahead was small white temple. A local told us it was Raasmancha. It looked quite out-of-place with the surroundings. It gave us the feeling of a shrine brimming with devotees. Unfortunately, it was devoid of visitors and stuffed with timer etc. It is a pity that such a nice construction was not maintained at all.



Around a hundred steps ahead was the entrance gate to the bagan-bari.



On out return we stopped to take a look at the third palace. There was no way to find out the name. It looked older than the other two and seemed completely uninhabited. Taking photos from outside was the only option.



On out way back we took a different route. We went via Haroa. On the way, there were some picturesque spots. We stopped and captured them in our camera.


Views  on the way back

Distance from Kolkata: 30 km (from Dum Dum)

Things to see: Palaces, temple, famous for Bonedi Durgapuja

Other references: https://amitabhagupta.wordpress.com/2014/08/27/english-castle-at-a-village-of-palaces/







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