A wild weekend in a tented safari camp – Honey guide Range Camp

There are very few experiences in life which mark a deep line in your heart with beautiful memories to cherish for lifetime….. yes this time will share an experience of lifetime which is still fresh in our heart and soul ☺ It’s an experience of untamed nature under African Skies at a tented safari Ranger’s camp at World Heritage Waterberg  Biosphere reserve.

Entabeni 1

A glimpse of the serenity of nature

Back in 2015, we went to Honey Guide Ranger Camp which was 240 km from Johannesburg. This Ranger camp is located in Entabeni reserve which is 22000 hectare vast, full of natural beauty and wild life. It was in the month of August which is winter in Joburg and its good time of the year to plan Safari trip.

Entabeni 2

Another spectacular view of the nature

It was a two days weekend trip. We started our journey after office in the late afternoon and reached the camp at late evening. While on the way to the camp for almost more than 20 km there was dark forest stretching on both side of the road. We reached at evening to the destination, the staffs were very cooperative and humble in nature. Had a lovely dinner made by their chef.

Entabeni 3

Lioness in a mode to attack the Wildebeest

Next day early morning we went for sunrise Safari. We were in a 6-seater safari car along with a Ranger who was very knowledgeable. The early morning sunrise – always my favourite ☺. It was such a peaceful environment all around.

Entabeni 4

In the evening time, giant Elephant busy bushing around

Entabeni 5

Giraffe on a stroll….

Entabeni 6

Lioness… full of unbridled strength and fierce beauty

After few minutes suddenly we saw a Lioness hiding under the bush waiting for her prey – an amazing experience. There were a herd of Zebras and Wildebeest walking down the road. We too waited to be part of that whole incident, suddenly the lioness moved very fast and grabbed one of the wildebeest. I was feeling bad for that unfortunate Wildebeest, but that’s how our ecological balance works – can’t help

Entabeni 7

The Hungry Lioness…..

After safari we went for bush walk with our Ranger – something which we have never done before. We were trained to understand the rules of bush walk like always to be in group, not talking loudly and few sign for stop or danger or urgency. After a walk for few minutes inside the dense forest we found a Ridge and we were told by our ranger to stop, he was carrying a gun as well for our protection. We were able to hear the roar of Lion from inside that Ridge. We couldn’t see the Lion but can hear the strong powered noise.

Entabeni 8

The king ….

In the afternoon safari we were fortunate enough to see Hippo, Wildebeest, Lion, Elephant,Giraffe,Rhino,Zebra and few varieties of Birds and reptiles

Entabeni 9

Amazing experience of Safari…. Escorted by the King…  ☺

Entabeni 10

Monitor Lizard…. Climbing a tree

Entabeni 11

Hippo….. BIG JAW  !!!!!

Entabeni 12


Entabeni 13

Rhino…. on a walk

In the evening we went to the Bird viewing area, enjoyed the sunset and were lucky to see few beautiful flying creatures. The dinner served was just delicious and mouth watering.

Entabeni 14

Yellow billed Hornbill


Entabeni 15



Entabeni 16

Crested Barbet


Entabeni 17

Yellowthroated Sparrow


Wonderful time spent – with good food, awesome ambience and thrilling experience of lifetime. We will surely revisit this safari camp again – special thanks to the cook who gifted us a jar of chutney made with love ☺


Author : Sushmita Chatterjee (Sush)  & Dibyajyoti Chatterjee (Dj)

FB: https://facebook.com/sushdjphotography/