Sunrise At Mighty Thar

The night sky was still prominent. The stars were still twinkling. The moon was still ruling the night sky with its soft feeble light. It was 4:30 in the morning. Our cameleer had reached our tents to pick us up. We were to watch the Sunrise. But Sunrise? Really? Sunrise in the dunes? I was a little sceptical when my father pitched in the idea of watching sunrise the next morning. “Sunrise are better off at mountains” I thought to myself, with the stereotypical idea that I had on mind. But given my ever lasting lust to try out new things I thought of giving it a shot. We hopped onto our camels and off we went into the desert. We reached the dunes at 5:20 am. Sunrise was due at 5:50. Apart from us there were some more tourists although the crowd was less.

The night sky vanished slipping quietly revealing the soft blue sky. “Wow!” I thought over. Above, the nearly cerulean sky and below, the chilled mundane yellow stretch of land – altogether it was an awesome view. “Mother Nature will never stop to amaze”.  The time was now 5:45. “5 more minutes”, I told myself. It felt like I was at a movie hall trying to find the perfect middle seats. So, I walked a few metres and stopped at a distance. “Perfect” I said to myself and stood there staring, eyes fixated out into the open horizon infront of me. As a kid, I was always enthralled with the unspeakable beauty of the mountains and it always mesmerised me watching the beauty of Nature on the hills. But today, I realised Nature’s beauty is not rather cannot be confined to the mountains alone. Watching the vast expanse of the arid land before me I never realised even Deserts could be this enthralling. Just wow! Honestly I could not take my eyes off. I was in the middle of the mighty Thar Desert with the vast yellow stretches of land gleaming all around me as the Mighty Sun slowly and steadily began His day. It was time.thor 1There, above the horizon, gradually we could see the fiery red ball. That was a spectacular view to witness. Not sure if this was my imagination, but that fiery circle in the sky seemed double the size that I was used to watching at Kolkata. It felt like I could easily touch the crimsoned Sun – it felt so closer to Earth. With its early mild soft rays falling on the dunes, to me it seemed as if the Thar was preparing itself to endure the scorching heat that is yet to befall. And I was standing there like a little kid who has just been amazed by ‘magic’. The dunes had a certain pattern, each one different from the other. To me, it resembled a painter’s brush strokes on a painting. Like a painter paints with different brushes and brush strokes to liven up the picture, it was the same – except that the canvas was The Thar, and there was only one color – yellow and the painter – Mother Nature.

Amidst this picturesque view, I spotted few more camels coming towards us. Some had tourists on board while some roamed away freely. They were by far the most awesome and cool animal species I have ever come across. While we were witnessing one of Mother Nature’s magnificent views, the camels were awaiting, chewing away in ecstasy or lost in their camel-y little world. The camels always seemed to smile. Always seemed to laugh. And that was an inspiration. It kept me wondering – The Ship of the Desert, as we call it, gleefully loaded and unloaded people off them, carried heavy loads time and again, so If they could be this happy without complaints why cant we humans?

thor 6
The happiest animal species on Earth
thor 7.jpg
Amongst the vastness awaits my Ship!

With this I turned to my side and found that slowly but steadily the Sun started rising up, up, up and there it was up in the high sky away from the mortal world glowing in ecstasy, with all His might, with all His energy, with all His power, with all His glow. This was another feast to the eyes. Within a fraction of second the entire sight changed. The then gentle subdued rays now seem to befall heavily on the world. His glow was mightier than ever before, the dunes turned faster than a chameleon from yellow to dark yellow to ochre yellow, each one radiating a separate allure altogether. The Golden City of Jaisalmer finally woke up afresh, anew.

Our watches read 7:10. Morning has arrived. The Sun was up in the sky. The city livened up. Our cameleer was patting the respective camels, preparing them to reach us to our destination. It was time for us to return. I was sad, with a heavy heart, I turned back and started walking towards our respective camels. While I climbed up onto my Ship I caught a last glance at the Mighty Thar Desert. “Breathtaking!” I told myself. And with that our camels turned around and walked gleefully away from the mighty magnificent Thar, following their very familiar rhythm.

As we returned, I felt a broad grin spread across my face. My heart as if whispered to me “Thank you”. My heart was contented and so was I.

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  1. Wow! I was so engrossed I forgot myself and fell into the pictures and words… It’s a completely new world in this write up! A new cozy world you don’t wanna wake up from

  2. Very well written narrative of sunrise at sand dunes. Makes one feel to witness with his / her own eyes. Please share your stories with other places of Rajasthan. Specially the Ranthambore forest

  3. What an amazing way to portray the magnificence that is Thar! Very well written with the little intricacies expressively detailed and one which paints a vivid picture of the complete landscape. Makes you want to pack your bags and head out to witness this beautiful destination! Great work, keep it up!