Day trip to Sabuj Dweep

I was searching for a day trip from Kolkata and Sabuj Dweep came to my mind. Sabuj Dweep , a famous picnic spot or day trip location in Hooghly district, West Bengal. This small island is situated in Somra Bazar on Hooghly river.

Map view, Sabuj Dweep

I reached Somra Bazar around 10 AM driving my personal car (through the highlighted route provided). It was the beginning of winter season so didn’t find much crowd but the availability of boats was also less. So, we had nice experience riding dinghy to reach Sabuj Dweep. The place is really beautiful, small boats roaming on the river for fishing, full of greenery, hundreds of migratory birds flying in the sky. It took around 15-20 mins. floating on the river to reach the island.

Motor Boat
Sabuj Dweep entrance
Migratory birds
Bird’s nest
Migratory birds
Bird’s nest
Migratory birds flying in the sky

I heard that this place used to be much crowded during winter season from mid-December to January end. So, in case you want to enjoy the beauty and calmness of this place, try to avoid this duration. The island has thousands of different trees with full of bird’s nest for those migratory birds. The tourism department has built few watch towers, playing areas for kids, animal statues to attract more tourists. I saw the construction is going on to build cottages for accommodation inside the island.

Kaash on the river bank
Hooghly river
Greenery @Sabuj Dweep
Animal statue in kid’s play zone
Floating on the river

We spent around 2 hrs inside Sabuj Dweep watching the birds, feeling the calmness of the nature and taking some snaps. Took a tea break to sit and take rest before coming back from there. Way back to the ferry ghat by dinghy took just 10 mins because we were travelling on wards the tide.

It was a perfect day trip for us. I found this place unique for its position, greenery and most importantly the migratory birds.

Distance from Kolkata: around 80 to 100KM depending on the starting point at Kolkata

Route (By road):


Route (By train): Take train from Kolkata till Somrabazar stn or Balagarh station. You can find motor van from station to reach ferry ghat. During winter, you will get motor boat, normal boat or speed boat to reach Sabuj Dweep.

Road Condition: If you going by any one of the routes by road, the road condition are good except bit waiting time in case the rail gate is closed. Try to travel at day time to avoid passing trucks and unnecessary jam.

Point of Attractions: Picnic spot, Greenery, Boat ride, migratory birds, nature.

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