Jambu Dwip(Island) – A Place Worth Visiting For Adventure and Nature Lovers

Sundarbans is a natural region formed by the confluence of Ganga, Brahmaputra, Meghna and Padma. The ecosystem of Sundarban comprises of numerous rivers and canals that spread like branches. Most of the parts lie in Bangladesh (60%), while the rest fall under West Bengal. Due to the daily tides the land is always wet and swampy and it has led to the formation of a unique ecosystem with varied flora and fauna. Sundarban was declared a World Heritage site in 1997 and it is also among the finalists of New 7 Wonders of Nature. Sunderban is made up of various small islands and are mainly deltaic islands formed due to the confluence of Padma, Meghna, Brahmaputra and Ganga rivers. The islands are the photographers delight. If anyone love photography, then he or she must visit these islands for picturesque sceneries and a resource of different species of flora and fauna.

I visited one of the islands few months back. It was an isolated island from the mainland India with full of migratory birds. It is famous for its pollution free and clean beaches. It is mainly a fishing island. Jambu Dwip, dwip means island in Bengali, remains uninhabited except in the fishing season (Oct to Jan).


It is small untouched beauty in the middle of the Bay of Bengal sea. It is so small that one can see the edges with naked eyes. The island’s beach is full of red crabs and migratory birds. We travelled to the island by a small motorized boat from Benfish spot in frazerganj, South 24 Parganas. It took around 45 mins Though we were not allowed to get down from the boat but the journey itself is just mesmerizing. The boat took us to landing distance to the island. We took some photographs but unfortunately we could not land down. A small boat, cool breeze and never ending turquoise water, what an experience to live.

How to Reach:

By Train: Sealdah to Namkhana station by South Bound Local Train > Cross The river Hatania-Doyania > Take a cab to Bakkhali > Bakkhali to Frazerganj > Frazerganj Benfish jetty > By motorized boat to Jambu Dwip

By Road: Please see below the details


Where to Stay:

Bakkhali sea beach is very nearby to this place and full of hotels and lodges.So I would prefer to stay at Bakkhali.

Tips:Take some food and water with you as the whole journey would be around 2 hours and you will get anything in between to eat or drink as the island is completely uninhabited.

N.B. Please don’t go in Summer or in Monsoon season.You could be in danger in middle of the sea any time.The sea remains more calm in early November to February.So plan accordingly