Baranti – Lake, Hills and Serenity at its best


“Baranti is the newest destination in Purulia District of beautiful Bengal and one of the most talked about places in social media. It captured my attention immediately as I prefer to explore new places and I decided to pay a visit during the Puja holidays. I must say I enjoyed every single moment of my stay in “Baranti”. The place is exquisitely beautiful, far far away from the maddening crowd, pollution and noise.

The center of attraction is the “Baranti Lake/Dam” surrounded by hills all around. For a moment I was lost in the Araku Valleys. The water of the lake is very clear and when the water is still you can see a mirror image of the surrounding hills in the water.

This is just a treat for the eyes. You can sit around the lake with your beloved ones and spend hours looking at the nature. It is pin drop silence here. You can feel and breathe nature amid the unadulterated hamlet of Bengal. There is a small inhabitance of few tribal families a few minutes’ walk from the lake. People here are very simple and friendly. If visited in winter, you can taste Bengal’s pure “Khejur Ros” and in March/April it is RED all around with millions of “Palash Phool” in full bloom. You can visit the place around the year with nature unleashing something special every season.


How to reach:

The place is well connected by road and rail from Kolkata. The most convenient way is to visit by a car; it is approximately 200 KMs from Kolkata, roughly 4-5 hours drive via Durgapur Expressway. By train, get down at Asansol JN or Adra JN and then catch a MEMU to Muradi station. The place is almost equal distance (22 KMs) from both Asansol JN and Adra JN and by MEMU train it takes less than 30 minutes. The MEMU trains are very less crowded. From Muradi station, Baranti Lake is approx. 3 KMs, you may take an auto or rickshaw.

Things to remember:

One advantage of having personal car is local sight-seeing as local car rental rate is quite high here and options are very limited. You can also share your trip from one car rental service near “Baranti Wildlife and Nature Study Hut” if you contact previous day. Most trips start morning as early as 6:00 am. Internet coverage is very poor across Purulia and in Baranti you may often face no mobile coverage, so do not depend much on google navigation. Do not expect clubs, spas or multi-cuisine restaurants here, for food you need to depend solely on the hotels which usually have daily package system for breakfast, lunch and dinner. In case you have any request for any special dish, please place the previous day but chances of being entertained are quite low. Still, the food provided is very fresh and home like. I said the place is to feel the nature, not the luxuries of modern metro life. Do carry mosquito repellent and do not step outside after the dark as the place is very solitary, not much street light and wild animals,snakes are there.

Where to Stay:

There are very limited options to stay here and it is always advisable to make prior booking before visiting the place. The only lake facing accommodation here is Lake Hill Resort. Mahulban hill resort is the newest one here and just at the feet of Muradi Hill and barely 2 minutes’ walk from  the lake. Other good accommodations here are “Baranti Wildlife and Nature Study Hut” and “Akaashmoni Resort, Baranti”.

What to See:

Baranti is very strategically located and you can visit a no of wonderful destinations by staying here. You may go for half day Susunia and Biharinath hill trip or full day Garh Panchakot, Panchet and Mithon trip. Remember “Udayan Master’s” hiding place in the legendary movie “Hirak Rajar Deshe”? Yes, Satyajit Ray shot it in “Joy Chandi Pahar” which is just 25 kms from Baranti towards Ayodhya hills. There is a small temple 500 steps up on top of Joy Chandi hill and from there you will get a breath taking 360 degree view of the valley which will leave you just spellbound. Visit this place and “Pakhi Pahar” along with Garh Panchakot and Panchet trip as they fall on the same route. You may also buy sarees from huts and factories in Raghunathpur township. Ayodhya hills can be visited from here if you start early in the morning and may come back here or stay on Ayodhya hills as well. In Ayodhya do not miss Upper dam, Lower Dam, Khairabera Dam, Ayodhya Hill Top, Tea Garden , Bamni Falls and the most beautiful Murguma Lake. All of these places can be covered in 12 hours trip from Baranti. So, what are you waiting for? Start the voyage ☺